Faux roasted milk from Cod Pal Germ 551

42 A roasted milk of almonds

Take fresh almond kernels and soften them, and millet groats (hirs greus) and boiled eggs and a little nice (white) bread. Knead it all together as thick (much?) as you like, pour it into a pan and let it boil until it is thick. Then make it yellow and (make it) fat with butter and let it cool. Stick it on a spit and let it roast. Brush it with egg and serve it for a roasted milk.

I owe thanks to my friend Libby Cripps for pointing me to the as yet untranslated fifteenth-century culinary recipe collection that is bound with similar works on fabric dyes and on medicine in the Heidelberg Cod Pal Germ 551. It looks, at first glance, unexceptional, but I will try to keep up a flow of recipes and see whether it has anything of particular interest to offer.

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