One confused recipe from Cod Pal Germ 551, section 2

Today’s recipe is an exercise in interpreting what can emerge if a scribe has a very bad, awful, terrible day.

10 A dish of roasted/fried (proten) nuts

Take per (lacuna?) soaked in vinegar and throw them into warm milk mixed well with wheat flour. Add a little fat that is boiling(wellig) and do not oversalt it. Item take cheese and milk and mix it with eggs and cut boiled (lacuna?) into it. Make a coarse (read derben for dreben) dough and fill the cheese and the eggs into this and fry it in lard or butter and do not oversalt it etc.

If we did not have the recipes from section one, we would be hard pressed to fill the lacunae and might not even figure out that this is actually two recipes subsumed under the heading of a third. The solution is:

19 A dish of a fried spoon dish of fish

Then take dried fish (per visch – prob. Bergerfisch i.e. stockfish) pickled in vinegar and throw them into almond milk that is mixed with rice flour and add a small amount of fat into it that shall be boiling (? wellig) and do not oversalt it.

20 A dish of small krapfen (fritters)

If you would make a dish of small krapfen (fritters), take cheese and mix it with eggs and cut boiled bacon into it. Make a coarse dough and fill the cheese into that and fry it in butter or lard. Do not oversalt it.

I still have no clue where the nuts figure in this equation though.

I owe thanks to my friend Libby Cripps for pointing me to the as yet untranslated fifteenth-century culinary recipe collection that is bound with similar works on fabric dyes and on medicine in the Heidelberg Cod Pal Germ 551. It looks, at first glance, unexceptional, but I will try to keep up a flow of recipes and see whether it has anything of particular interest to offer.

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