Roasted milk of almonds from Cod Pal Germ 551, section two

26 A roast milk of almond kernels

If you would make a milk of almond kernels, take fresh almond kernels (that are) white and whole millet (hirs gens?) and boiled eggs and and a little nice (white) bread and bind it all together as thickly as you may. Then pour it into a pan and let it boil until it turns thick and make it yellow and fat with butter. Let it cool and stick it on a spit and let it roast, and baste it with egg.

Another recipe with a close parallel, in this case #42 in section one. The wording suggsts possible solutions to difficult passages in the respective other text, but it is still hard to see what this recipe would have in common with the ‘roasted milk’ we find so frequently. It looks closer to the roast millet found in Recipe 92 of Meister Hans.

I owe thanks to my friend Libby Cripps for pointing me to the as yet untranslated fifteenth-century culinary recipe collection that is bound with similar works on fabric dyes and on medicine in the Heidelberg Cod Pal Germ 551. It looks, at first glance, unexceptional, but I will try to keep up a flow of recipes and see whether it has anything of particular interest to offer.

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