A garbled recipe from Cod Pal Germ 551, section two

30 Filled eggs

Item if you would make a dish of filled eggs, crack (slah) them at the tip and put some fat in a pan and pour the eggs into that and let it fry until it is enough. And have len (?) inside and out (innen und aussen len) and throw (the word implies some force) it on a work surface with that and chop good spices into it. Cut it in slices together and (with?) good raisins, mix it together and add an egg so it becomes soft. Fill it back into the eggshells and stick them on a skewer. Let it roast, and do not oversalt it etc.

This recipe is clearly a parallel of #45 in section one, but it is equally clearly garbled. The question is, how do we trace the garbling? I am currently too tired for much more reading, but there are plenty of ‘filled egg’ recipes, so we know what was likely intended.

I owe thanks to my friend Libby Cripps for pointing me to the as yet untranslated fifteenth-century culinary recipe collection that is bound with similar works on fabric dyes and on medicine in the Heidelberg Cod Pal Germ 551. It looks, at first glance, unexceptional, but I will try to keep up a flow of recipes and see whether it has anything of particular interest to offer.

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