Stuffed roast from the kuchenmaistrey

If you want to make a stuffing for a roast or poultry, hard-boil two eggs and chop parsley among them well, with a few Italian raisins and roast apples or pears. Knead it together with raw egg, add spices, a little saffron and salt, and fill it in. After you have reached through (hollowed out) the roast with your fingers or a piece of wood or a knife and have filled it, close it up with slivers of wood or sew the stuffing up with a thread so it does not come out. You can also put chopped bacon or butter into the stuffing if you want. (kuchenmaistrey 2.ix)

I opted to use bacon (Bauchspeck) for the filling.

We used beef and brined it overnight before preparing it today. Stuffing and closing up the roast was easy, making it hold in place on the spit was not. But we roasted it to everyone’s satifaction and served it with the gingerbread sauce.

Slow-roasted for four hours at a good distance from the fire, the meat turned out deliciously tender and not dry or stringy at all. The only part that was spiced beyond brining was the filling, but the flavour spread through the meat very nicely.

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