Failed roast peas from Meister Hans

To roast peas on a spit

Item, if you wish to have more peas, make roast from them. And the peas should be nicely boiled. Grind them and add spices and sugar to them. It becomes sweet from that. And take flour, it becomes stiff (zaech). When the peas (dough) is ready, take a spit and wind it around that. That way you surely have a roast. Take dates and cut them lengthwise and lard the roast with that. Roast it nicely (prat jn sauber) and serve it. And serve a good sauce on it and with it (daran und dar zue) (Meister Hans #205)

Roast peas – cooked, mashed, and shaped into roastable lumps – are commonly encountered in our sources. Some are bound with eggs and fried prior to roasting. This time, we opted for a simple recipe to try the technique.

As you can see, it worked flawlessly right up to the point we tried to actually roast it. Possibly it required more flour, or simply a much thinner layer on the spit. There will be other times to experiment.

What we found was that the original mash, once it had cooled and hardened, could be roasted on a griddle. It held together better than it had on the spit, but the taste was underwhelming. I suppose it could be good with honey mustard, but I do not see how it has any quality simple pease pudding lacks.

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