Vinegar-pickled cucumbers from the Oeconomia

Coler clearly does not consider it the primary method, hiding the recipe in the gardening section, but it is surprisingly modern:

How cucumbers should be pickled so you may have them in winter

You shall sow their seeds or kernels one month later than the others and when they emerge, plant them out fourteen days later, and (otherwise) treat as is described above (for growing cucumbers). Thus they grow towards autumn so you can harvest them before the frost. Then you place them in small tuns or casks, pour in vinegar, and add pepper and cloves on top. Leave them standing thus until you desire to eat them. When you take of them, you must always pour oni fresh vinegar so that they retain their quality (Krafft).

Many who pickle cucumbers take fennel and dill seed, salt and vinegar and place it in a small cask or tun, then add a layer of cucumbers, sprinkle it again with the aforesaid materials, and so forth, one layer above the other until the cask is full. Then they leave it to stand and thus they are properly pickled.

Johann Coler’s Oeconomia ruralis et domestica was a popular book on the topic of managing a wealthy household. It is based largely on previous writings by Coler and first appeared between 1596 and 1601. Repeatedly reprinted for decades, it became one of the most influential early works of Hausv√§terliteratur. I am working from a 1645 edition.

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