Another cheese fritter from the Inntalkochbuch

<<7>> Zu ainem pachen in ainer schüssel

For a fritter (served) in a bowl

Take grated cheese and flour in equal amounts, break eggs into it and season it well, knead it together and roll it out on a board. Make the dough into strips (struczel), fry them in a pan in fat and then cut them in(to?) a bowl.

This is just another of the many recipes for cheese fritters, in this case intended as a side or main dish. Not much needs be said about it. If you slice it into thin strips, it can look like a bowl of fries.

Cheese fritters served in a bowl – these are largish, finger food style.

The Inntalkochbuch is from a monastic library in Bavaria’s Inntal region (the Inn is a tributary of the Danube), dating to the late 15th/early 16th century. It is written in Upper German and strongly reflects local culinary traditions, though some of its recipes are commonplaces found elsewhere.

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