Sweet Sauce for Venison from the Inntalkochbuch

Another interesting recipe for venison. The spice mix will need exploring I think something sharp and deep like pepper, cinnamon and cloves.

<<23>> Wiltprät von hirschen

Venison of deer

Pickle/marinate it (mach ein) and roast it until it is done. Take plenty of honey, wine, and figs, pass that through and serve it with good spices.

The question how to read the instruction mach ein is the biggest obstacle to recreating this dish. We have evidence of complex marinades based on wine, but I tend towards simple brining. A sweet, rich and heavily seasoned sauce would not need any additional flavouring to the meat. Of course I could be completely wrong here.

The Inntalkochbuch is from a monastic library in Bavaria’s Inntal region (the Inn is a tributary of the Danube), dating to the late 15th/early 16th century. It is written in Upper German and strongly reflects local culinary traditions, though some of its recipes are commonplaces found elsewhere.

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