Fish balls from the Inntalkochbuch

Two recipes – interesting, but very bare bones.

<<25>> Chnödel von vischen

Fish balls

Chop it with two eggs, press it, and cut it small. Prepare them in a broth (suppen) with wine, vinegar and spices.

<<26>> Lange chnödel von vischen

Long fish balls

Chop the fish very finely and pound them in a mortar with raisins and almonds. Serve them.

Turning fish into a meatball farce, often enough returned to the fish skin and cooked in it, was a common conceit in upper-class cuisine. these are rough sketches compared to the descriptions in some other sources, but the note on the cooking liquid – wine and vinegar – is interesting.

The Inntalkochbuch is from a monastic library in Bavaria’s Inntal region (the Inn is a tributary of the Danube), dating to the late 15th/early 16th century. It is written in Upper German and strongly reflects local culinary traditions, though some of its recipes are commonplaces found elsewhere.

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