More Heron Recipes from the Inntalkochbuch

More heron recipes following the mues of Wednesday. Not immediately replicable, admittedly.

<<28>> Raiger praten

Roast heron

Make good spices with saffron and serve it juicy (safftigen).

<<29>> Raiger in einer geislicz

Heron in a geislicz

First boil it well. Then take the meat and a pound of almonds and grind that up together. Take good spices, ginger and sugar, and serve it.

<<30>> Von raiger gepraten vnd gespikcht

A roasted and larded heron

Make a sauce of good wine, honey and good spices. Boil the spices and serve.

He survived the meeting uncooked

The Inntalkochbuch is from a monastic library in Bavaria’s Inntal region (the Inn is a tributary of the Danube), dating to the late 15th/early 16th century. It is written in Upper German and strongly reflects local culinary traditions, though some of its recipes are commonplaces found elsewhere.

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