Herb Sauce from Meister Eberhard

Another simple sauce today.

<<R3>> Item ein andre salsenn.

Item, another sauce

Sage, parsley, mint and pepper, that is to be pounded with vinegar, this is a sauce that gives you a good appetite (macht lustig zu essenn).

The recipe reminds me of the simple herb sauces described in the Regimen Sanitatis Salernitanum and the Libellus de Arte Coquinaria. It may belong to a Mediterranean tradition. It is good, unsurprisingly. I recommend using fresh herbs and aiming for a thick consistency, more like a paste or pesto.

Meister Eberhard is a recipe collection that belongs into a south German context, most likely associated with the court of Bayern-Landshut during its ascendancy in the first half of the 15th century. We know nothing about the putative author other than that he claims he was part of the kitchen staff there. The text contains an eclectic mix of recipes and dietetic advice heavily cribbed from a variety of sources, including the (unattributed) writings of St Hildegardis Bingensis. The text is published in A. Feyl: Das Kochbuch Meister Eberhards. Diss. Freiburg i.B. 1963 and online on the website of Thomas Gloning.

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