Batter-Fried Morels from Cgm 384 II

The real recipe for the earlier mock version:

Image courtesy of wikimedia commons

69 Fried morels

Take small morels, wash them very clean and cut off the stems. Make a thin batter of white flour and pour in a little wine. Colour and season it, draw the morels through it and fry them in a pan.

This is one of those recipes where we are not entirely sure why they merited writing down, but we are grateful that they did. It’s not challenging (other than in affording the morels) and will probably amply repay experimentation with spices in the batter.

Bound together with medicinal, veterinary, and magical texts, the culinary recipes of Munich Cgm 384 were partly published in 1865 as “Ein alemannisches Büchlein von guter Speise“. The manuscript dates to the second half of the fifteenth century. My translation follows the edition by Trude Ehlert in Münchner Kochbuchhandschriften aus dem 15. Jahrhundert, Tupperware Deutschland, Frankfurt 1999, which includes the first section of recipes not published earlier.

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