“Snow” – A Whipped Cream Dish

Another one from the Kuenstlichs und Fuertrefflichs Kochbuch:

52 To make Snow

Take a semmel loaf, cut it apart, and you may also coat it in egg. Roast it over the coals. Take the egg batter (airtaig – probably the almond mixture) as for marcepan, spread it on the roasted semmel and slice it, not quite one finger thick. Lay the slices on a bowl so that the almond is toasted. Then take thick milk, as thick as possible, add a handful of sugar and beat it in a pot, thus it develops a foam. Place the foam on the slices with the almond that are toasted so that the almond batter rises. Make a high foam, thus it melts below and the bread softens. Thus you have good snow.

Whipped cream – that is what is meant here by ‘thick milk’ – was a popular novelty in the sixteenth century and there are a number of recipes recorded. Here, we have toasted white bread with an almond topping whose exact composition is not quite clear covered with freshly whipped cream. The crunchy, sweet bread would be soaked through with cream and most likely spooned up. There is no mention of any kind of fruit, but it would surely make an attractive addition. I think I would like to try this.

The short Kuenstlichs und Fuertrefflichs Kochbuch was first printed in Augsburg in 1559 and reprinted in Nuremberg in 1560 and subsequently. Despite its brevity, it is interesting especially as it contains many recipes for küchlein, baked or deep-fried confections, that apparently played a significant role in displaying status. We do not know who the famous cook referenced in the title may have been or if he ever existed.

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