Another Choux Fritter

Apologies for being very busy, I am leaving you another short recipe from the Kuenstlichs und Fuertrefflichs Kochbuch today. These may be the ‘bruete kuechlein’ referenced yesterday’s recipe.

61 Briere küchlein

Take water, add fat, not much, and salt it like a water soup (wassersuppen). When it boils, add the flour so that it becomes thick from the flour and beat it in a bowl so that no lump (putz) is in it. Then break one egg after another into it and beat it well. Do not make it too thin and lay it nicely into the hot fat with a spoon. The dough is always cooked (man bruet) in a pan.

The cursory instructions suggest the author assumes any reader would be familiar with the preparation. It is possible that the title is a typographical error and these care indeed the briete/bruete kuechlein I was missing yesterday.

The short Kuenstlichs und Fuertrefflichs Kochbuch was first printed in Augsburg in 1559 and reprinted in Nuremberg in 1560 and subsequently. Despite its brevity, it is interesting especially as it contains many recipes for küchlein, baked or deep-fried confections, that apparently played a significant role in displaying status. We do not know who the famous cook referenced in the title may have been or if he ever existed.

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