Adventures in Upcycling

There isn’t much of a chance of new translations while I am waiting for my finger to heal up, but I can use the opportunity to tell a home story. Last Tuesday, on the way taking my son to kindergarten, I spotted a trailer full of wood – floorboards, old furniture, shelving and such – in front of a house in the neighbourhood. I enquired, learned that it was all destined for garbage disposal, and got permission to take whatever pieces I fancied. That was how I ended up with a set of old drawers with internal subdivisions (and some other bits).

Cue the weekend: with no chance of undisturbed desk work and an already painful right hand, I started playing with my options. The oldfashioned kind of nail polish remover actually works very well on old marker and dissolves stickers, and I did not need to touch up the varnish at all. So I now have a new spice rack.

It’s not yet filled – I need to feel out a sense of what belongs where – but I already like it. And to think it would have ended up in an industrial incinerator otherwise…

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