Tripe from the Mondseer Kochbuch

Just a short recipe today, I’ve had a long day at work:

19 How to prepare pigs’ guts and stomachs in a condiment sauce

Take boiled pigs’ guts and stomachs. Cut the boiled guts into four parts. Also cut the stomachs narrow (smal – in strips?). And cut the stomach and the guts as small as you wish. Take parsley, pennyroyal, and mint, boiled (gesoten) sage, hard-boiled eggs, fine bread, the greatest quantity of caraway, not much pepper, and one egg to a dish. Grind (make) it with vinegar and with broth (söde) so it does not become too sour, and pour it on the condiment. Add fat and let it warm up, and take it up before it becomes too thick and serve it.

Innards were commonly eaten, so this was likely a commonplace dish. The sauce with its mixture of herbs and vinegar sounds like it could be appealing, though I am leery of the large quantity of caraway. Altogether, I think I want to try this once, but I am not certain I am likely to enjoy it.

The Mondseer Kochbuch is a recipe collection bound with a set of manuscript texts on grammar, dietetics, wine, and theology. There is a note inside that part of the book was completed in 1439 and, in a different place, that it was gifted to the abbot of the monastery at Mondsee (Austria). It is not certain whether the manuscript already included the recipes at that point, but it is likely. The entire codex was bound in leather in the second half of the fifteenth century, so at this point the recipe collection must have been part of it. The book was held at the monastery until it passed into the Vienna court library, now the national library of Austria, where it is now Cod 4995.

The collection shows clear parallels with the Buoch von guoter Spise. Many of its recipes are complex and call for expensive ingredients, and some give unusually precise quantities and measurements. It is edited in Doris Aichholzer’s “Wildu machen ayn guet essen…” Drei mittelhochdeutsche Kochbücher: Edition, Übersetzung, Quellenkommentar, Peter Lang, Berne et al. 1999

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