Parmesan Osterfladen

I had some time to prepare for a teaching event next weekend and tried out two recipes from Marx Rumpolt:

44 Take of the dough with which you make tarts and roll it out round and thin. Brush it with fresh butter. Take grated parmesan cheese and strew it over the dough. Slide it into the oven and let it bake and let it cool. This way it is a good Käßkuchen.

45 Roll out a tart and take grated Parmesan cheese and grated Weck bread. Mix it with egg yolks and butter and add entire almonds and large raisins (Ziweben) as well as small black raisins that are washed carefully, and sweet cream that is nicely thick. Stir all of this together and do not oversalt it. Fill the tart with this and do not put a lid on it. Slide it into the oven and bake it. Moisten a brush with warm butter and brush the tart with this above and below so that it shines brightly, and let it cool. And this is how you bake Osterfladen. (clxxviii v)

The first is just another kind of drinking snack, a lot like the ginger chips I tried a few weeks ago. I usaed a hot water crust, so it was harder and chewier than a modern shortcrust base would be, but that is not a problem. It is not bad, just a little dull without additional spices. After I added a little pepper, it was quite good.

The second recipe is odd, and clearly suffers from an excess of luxury. It is meant to be an Easter dish, but by using imported durable Parmesan cheese rather than fresh cheese from the first milk of the spring, it loses its seasonal connection. It could now be made at any time. Interestingly, this Osterfladen is also related to the Pressmetzen that Balthasar Staindl suggests for Easter. He uses custard in place of regular dairy cheese which I suspect was the most common medthod.

The result I got was quite acceptable, though I should have salted it more. The raisins harmonise well with the cheese and the almonds are barely noticeable except for the crunch. Personally, I would put in some spices – mace might work, pepper certainly will – and cut back on the cream and butter. It is an insanely rich pie.

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