Roast milk from the Rheinfränkisches Kochbuch

This recipe comes from the Rheinfränkisches Kochbuch, but it has many parallels in other sources. the dish seems to have been popular in Germany.

20 If you would make a roasted milk, take milk and eggs in equal amounts and beat that together thoroughly and salt it and add saffron and put it into a pot and set that into a boiling cauldron so that the water does not enter the pot and let it boil until it hardens. Serve it as a spoon dish (musz). But if you would roast it, pour it out onto a cloth and fold / twist the cloth (ringe daz duch) so that the water goes out. Thus it becomes hard as a cheese. Then, cut it in slices and roast the slices on a griddle and baste them with fat and strew spices on them.

We mixed half a liter of full-fat milk with the same quantity of eggs by volume (which turned out to be 10 eggs) and cooked it in a water bath until it had fully solidified. Then we turned it out on a cloth, squeezed out the liquid, and pressed it overnight.

The result was fairly unprepossessing, but it improved with roasting, Unfortunately, I forgot to slice it before roasting, which it turns out would have greatly improved the result because the Maillard reaction makes the flavour. We served it with trysenet spice mix.

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2 Responses to Roast milk from the Rheinfränkisches Kochbuch

  1. Judy says:

    It’s really roasted eggs, isn’t it? Ten eggs to 500 ml of milk! This is about the proportion if milk I might add to eggs to scramble them.

    • carlton_bach says:

      I think so, too. It certainly tastes like leathery scrasmbled eggs. I suspect the main point witrh these dishes was to show off the skill of the cook in making them hold together.

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