Deer blood porridge from Cod Pal Germ 551

36 A dish of a roe deer mus (soft food)

Take a lebkuchen (letzeltlein), as much as you wish, toast it over the coals like pepper bread (pffefer brot) and boil it in wine as thick as you wish. Pass it through a cloth and then add it to the deer blood (smoked blood – rauchswaiß – probably a scribal error for re(h)swaiß) and let it boil down over the coals as much as you wish. Add honey and season it well, and when it turns out too thin, remedy it with grated bread. Then add fat and do not oversalt it.

I owe thanks to my friend Libby Cripps for pointing me to the as yet unedited fifteenth-century culinary recipe collection that is bound with similar works on fabric dyes and on medicine in the Heidelberg Cod Pal Germ 551. It looks, at first glance, unexceptional, but I will try to keep up a flow of recipes and see whether it has anything of particular interest to offer.

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