Elderflower Porridge from Cgm 384 II

Another recipe for flavouring milk with elderflowers

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48 Elderflower muoß

Take elderflowers and boil them in milk and pass that through a cloth, and make a muoß with this as you please, and with grated white bread or other things, that will taste very good (gar wol geschmack) and also be healthy. You may also colour it and spice it if you please, but it has a good flavour by itself. And hereafter follow many muos dishes (mengerlay muoser).

The technique is mentioned in many other sources, and it seems to be less related to a specific recipe than a way of enhancing anything usually cooked with milk, from porridge to pasta. It works well and must have been a seasonal delight when elder was in bloom. Today, this flavour is not very common in German cuisine. Most people know it from drink syrups sold at IKEA, if at all.

Bound together with medicinal, veterinary, and magical texts, the culinary recipes of Munich Cgm 384 were partly published in 1865 as “Ein alemannisches Büchlein von guter Speise“. The manuscript dates to the second half of the fifteenth century. My translation follows the edition by Trude Ehlert in Münchner Kochbuchhandschriften aus dem 15. Jahrhundert, Tupperware Deutschland, Frankfurt 1999, which includes the first section of recipes not published earlier.

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