Sixteenth-Century Liver Skewers

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate. Just a quick recipe from the Kuenstlichs und Fuertrefflichs Kochbuch today:

38 Who Wants to Roast a Liver

Take the liver and cut it into pieces as big as walnuts. Stick lardons (spick specklein) into the pieces throughout and salt them like birds. Wrap each piece into a caul individually and stick them on a skewer. Roast them like a Koeppen (?), baste (treffs) it and prepare a sauce (bruielein) over it with meat broth. Season it well with cloves, thus they are good.

This is an interesting iteration of the ‘liver wraped in caul‘ recipes. More typically, these are sausage-like preparations, chopped and mixed with seasoning. Here, pieces of liver are skewered and roasted, larded ad wrapped in caul to prevent them from drying out. They are quite similar to fegatelli di maiale. Cooking things on skewers is, of course, a fairly universal idea and likely quite ancient. Similar foods are likely to show up the world over.

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