Experiment: Zucker Krepffle

The second in the series of experiments made on Saturday: the Zucker Krepffle from the Kuenstlichs und Fuertrefflichs Kochbuch:

56 To fry sugar fritters (Zucker Krepffle)

Take twice-baked gingerbread (Leckuchen) and grate it nicely fine. Searce it through a colander (durchschlag) but (aber) let it become dry. Cut small pieces (pröcklein). When it is dry, pound it in a mortar. Place it in a bowl, add clarified sugar and Trysanet (a sweet spice mix) and make a dough as thick as for Keßküchlein. Also make a dough with water, roll out small rounds (pletzlein), place a piece of the (other) dough the size of a marble (einer schussers groß) into them and fry them in a kachel (a shallow earthenware vessel). Or place them on a board and when the fire in the oven is out, push the board in. That way they also bake. They are supposed to be nicely white. If you do not wish to use clarified sugar, you may well take the best kind of honey that is also clarified and mix the gingerbread with that. These are good for (their) sugar and spice.

We ground up gingerbread in a food processor and moistened it a little with water before adding sugar and a little extra spice. The original recipe called for clarified sugar which would have included some liquid. Then each small ball of the mash was wrapped in a piece of water-based dough. Since the recipe gave the option to bake, I opted to try that and found it locky because these were the only things we made that leaked. They were still good.

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